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The Kusari Blockchain is LIVE!

The Kusari Blockchain is LIVE!

It’s Time to Claim your KSI and Validate on Kusari!

We are absolutely delighted to announce that our Kusari Chain is now live! It has been a long journey and this is a major step for the project. We thank all holders for their continued and ongoing support and look forward to sharing further progress in the weeks ahead.

We welcome all holders to please proceed to claim your KSI and set up your validators (nodes) and nominations (staking).

We are focused on getting the validators set up to secure and stabilize the chain before we move to the Swap Dashboard. There will be a limit of 300 active validators and we will monitor this number over the weeks ahead.

We will continue to add components to Kusari to test and troubleshoot in preparation for the SwapDEX Chain mainnet release, but this is indeed the live Kusari chain and rewards earnt from here on in will remain. We look forward to your validating and feedback!

As a reminder, your KSI balance is a ratio of 100 SDX to 1 KSI of your ERC-20 SDX balance as at 3 December 21:00 UTC plus your SDX balance from the old chain.

For Information on How to Get Started:

Video on Wallets:

Website for Claiming:


MetaMask Information

Network : Kusari


Chain ID : 71

Currency Symbol : KSI

Block Explorer:

Next Steps

  • Releasing the Dashboard UI
  • Enable the Bridge Link in the Dashboard
  • SDX Chain Mainnet release

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Kusari Website:


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