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Testnet is Live so let’s have an NFT Raffle!

Swapdex Phoenix testnet live

Testnet is Live so let’s have an NFT Raffle!

First of all we would like to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for staying the pace and holding for what seems like forever. Thank you from all of us for your patience because has they say “patience is a virtue” and virtue should be rewarded!

We are delighted to be in a position to bring you our Testnet. Please be advised that this is being actively worked on and we will continue to advise on the full details as we roll it out. For the first phase, you can add the testnet network to your MetaMask wallets to see your balance and start sending some transactions. The working title we have used for the testnet is Phoenix to symbolise our rebirth.

Network Name: SwapDEX Phoenix
Chain ID: 142
Symbol: TSDX
Block Explorer URL:

When added, everyone should now see their totals which includes amounts from the old chain including rewards plus the values they held on the ERC20 side.

We have 2 explorers, one on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) side and one on the substrate side.

The EVM side can be viewed HERE while the substrate side can be found HERE.

During this testnet, for the first few days we would like to give support to users to make sure all wallet totals are correct and our team we be dealing with these as they come in, so if you have any concerns about your totals please raise a ticket so we can handle these for you support-tickets The SDX Chain totals are the totals that will be used when we deploy to mainnet however we will take an updated snapshot of the ERC20 totals right when we deploy to mainnet so you are welcome to continue to trade the SDX token.

We shall be releasing the details for the masternodes in the next few days but you can get well versed on what to expect by looking at our SwapDEX Wiki pages.

We are also still to complete our Wiki for our chain and will be updating as we move through testnet, and work is still being done to improve the chain but we encourage you to interact with our full functional Ethereum virtual machine for the next few days to Send transactions, deploy DApps, create new tokens and check all transactions through the explorer for the Smart DEX Chain, basically play to your hearts content.

If you encounter any problems, please notify us and open a ticket on our discord.

As you may have seen, we plan to release 200 NFTs

As you may have seen, we plan to release 200 NFTs which will each share in 10% of the transaction fees (gas) on the mainnet SDX Chain forever. These NFTs cannot be purchased, they can only be won in a series of competitions we are running from now until we release our mainnet.

To give a little incentive, one NFT will be awarded to the first three functioning DApps that our users can use and test and to celebrate the release of our testnet, we want to reward those who purchase the SDX token on Uniswap. We are running a raffle for 5 NFTs . To “buy” a ticket, you simply need to buy 1,000 SDX and hold it until mainnet release. The more SDX you buy and hold, the more tickets you will receive and the higher the chance of you winning an NFT. All purchased SDX will automatically be migrated to the new SDX Coin once we migrate to mainnet.

The tickets will be calculated on mainnet release based on held SDX from transactions from 12:00pm UTC 6 October 2021 until mainnet. Sales will reduce your tickets by the amount sold. For example if you buy 50,000 SDX today you would receive 50 tickets into the raffle, but if you then sell 20,000 SDX in a fortnight, 20 entries will be removed so you would have 30 tickets in the raffle. The sum of all transactions during the competition period will be rounded to the nearest thousand to calculate the number of entries.

The raffle draw will take place live on Discord with the help of a spreadsheet random number generator to draw the raffle. Each wallet will only be eligible to win one NFT. Once you win an NFT, your wallet will be removed from the remaining draws.

As an added bonus, in addition to the 5 NFTs for the raffle, the wallet with the highest amount of SDX from transactions during the competition period will be excluded from the raffle because they will automatically win not one, but two NFTs!

So what are you waiting for? You can buy your SDX/raffle tickets on Uniswap HERE.